Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit Repair Manual

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There are lots of explanation about coolant temp circuit, tester, scan, engine, scan tool, coolant temp sensor, meter circuit, circuit malfunction, and system are explained inside this repair manual. Here are selected from the repair manual:

The structure of the sensor and connection to the ECM is the same as in the intake air temp. circuit malfunction shown on page 05–183. If the ECM detects the DTC P0115, it operates fail safe function in which the engine coolant temperature is assumed to be 80_C (176_F). DTC No. P0115 Detection Item Trouble Area S Open or short in engine coolant temp. sensor circuit S Engine coolant temp. sensor S ECM Open or short in engine coolant temp.

Furthermore, this repair manual tells us info regarding temperature value, engine coolant temp, engine temperature, temperature, temperature sensor, engine temperature sensor, coolant, ignition switch, and sensor.

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