ETS 3000 : An Electronic Temperature Sensor

This technical information contains things around external temperature sensor, operating conditions, sensor probe, electronic temperature, temperature, ohmic resistance, output models, external sensor probe, pin, cable order, switching output, and digital display. Many discussion regarding pressure, installation dimension, angled connector, screened cable order, switching, resistance, switching point, input, sensor input, switching outputs, and pole connection are described in the technical information.

Inside this technical information the reader can learn info about cable, function, switch, analogue output, probe length, connection, temperature sensor, tank mounting, sensor, range, and inactive switching. The following are taken from this technical information:

The ETS 3000 is a compact electronic temperature sensor with digital display. For optimum adaptation to the particular application there are three different models available. The model with an 18mm integral sensor probe is pressure resistant to 600 bar and can be screwed directly inline or into a hydraulic block. For tank mounting, there are two models available. The ETS 3000 with integral sensor probe in various lengths for direct mounting onto the tank and the model with a separate sensor input for external temperature sensors. This is used mainly together with the temperature sensor TFP 100 which was specially developed for tank mounting. Different output models offer a variety of application possibilities.

In addition, the technical information presents info about probe, display, switching value, fluid, external temperature, transistor output, stainless steel, model, electrical connection, connector, and electrical connection type.

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