Exitation Circuit for Fluxgate Sensor Using Saturable Inductor-Paper

Inside this paper the reader can find things related to actuators, the excitation circuit, fluxgate current sensor, and circuit. This paper contains information related to magnetic flux, sensors, sensor, and magnetic sensors.

Lots of discussion about excitation, the fluxgate sensor, capacitor, and measurement are described inside this paper. Below are taken from this paper:

The impedance of the parallel resonant circuit is deduced as follows: 1 sCr = Rs + sLs s2 Ls Cr + sRs Cr + 1 (2) or Zr (s) = Rs + sLs (s − s1 ) (s − s2 ) (3) where s1 = −Rs + 2 Ls R2 1 s − 2 Ls Cr 4 Ls s2 = −Rs − 2 Ls R2 1 s − Ls Cr 4 L2 s and From the denominator of (2), the damping factor, ξ , is given by ξ= Rs 2 Cr Ls (4) 1 2π R2 1 − s2 Ls C r 4 Ls (5) When the fluxgate current is increasing and the magnetic core reaches the saturated region, its inductance value drops rapidly and causes the resonant capacitor, Cr , to discharge.

Also, the paper explains info such as current sensor, fluxgate sensor, measurements, and excitation circuit.

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