Experimental comparison of Measurement Techniques for Drop Size Distributions

There are lots of information related to drop size distributions, scattering, techniques, dispersions, input, transient, distribution, laser probe, analysis, and optical reflectance are presented in the paper. The paper contains discussion about speed, optical reflectance measurement, phase, liquid, measurements, beam reflectance, measurement technique, particle, standard, and focus.

Inside the paper you can get description related to measurement, drop size, system, technique, drop, sensor, distributions, reflectance measurement, power, and reflectance measurement techniques. Here are selected from this paper:

The influence of the power input on the drop size distribution was the only reasonable observation in this study. The FBR-sensor was not applicable at all to the used system. While all three probes are based on laser back scattering, the general question of the usability of this principle for measuring evolving drop size distributions in liquid/liquid system is asked. The exterior smooth surface of droplets in such systems is leading to strong errors in the measurement of the size of the drops. That leads to widely divergent results. A different measurement principle should be used for online measurements of drop size distributions than laser back scattering.

Additionally, the paper presents discussion about liquid dispersions, reflectance, comparison, standard deviation, diameter, size, focused beam, beam, and laser.

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