Fabricated Microgripper With Integrated Force Sensor for Manipulating Microobjects in an Ultrasonic Field

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Lots of info related to devices, layer, actuator, fabrication, ultrasonic field, radiation force, design, central piezoelectric, ultrasonic, manipulation, robotics, deflection, and integrated force are presented inside the journal. Below are selected from this journal:

This paper reports an electrostatic microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) gripper with an integrated capacitive force sensor. The sensitivity is more than three orders of magnitude higher than other monolithically fabricated MEMS grippers with force feedback. This force sensing resolution provides feedback in the range of the forces that dominate the micromanipulation process. A MEMS ultrasonic device is described for aligning microobjects suspended in water using ultrasonic fields. The alignment of the particles is of a sufficient accuracy that the microgripper must only return to a fixed position in order to pick up particles less than 100 m in diameter. The concept is also demonstrated with HeLa cells, thus providing a useful tool in biological research and cell assays.

Furthermore, the journal presents information around monolithically fabricated microgripper, fluid channel, fabrication process, fabrication sequence, ultrasonic force, central piezoelectric element, sensitivity, gripper, capacitor plates, feedback, manipulator design, fabricated microgripper, and different flexure lengths.

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