Fact Sheet of SEA 1659-Fibre Laser Sensor

Inside this fact sheet we can read description around concept, fibre laser sensor, sensor, design, and electro optic hydrophone. The fact sheet tells the reader discussion such as laser, hydrophone, demonstration, and laser sensor.

Many explanation about photonics system, sensor array, sensors, and sensor concept are explained in this fact sheet. The following are grabbed from the fact sheet:

DSTO DEFENCE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ORGANISATION FACT SHEET SEA 1659 – Fibre Laser Sensors What is a CTD? Organisations Involved • Defence Science & Technology Organisation (DSTO), Edinburgh, SA • Thales Australia – Naval Systems, Rydalmere, NSW Scope of Activities The FLS CTD was composed of four distinct phases: • System Definition – Proposal, study, definition and selection of sensor concepts. DSTO DEFENCE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ORGANISATION Capability Benefits Compared to the existing piezo-ceramic based array systems, an FLS-based array would potentially provide the ADF with an ultrathin, lightweight acoustic array with the potential for a very long fibre optic lead-in/tow cable.

Also, this fact sheet presents discussion things like systems, fibre laser, capability, and fibre.

Download Fact Sheet of SEA 1659-Fibre Laser Sensor pdf
File size: 0.193 MB, number of pages: 3, download server: www.dsto.defence.gov.au
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