Fairchild FAN4010 High Side Current Sensor Datasheet

The datasheet contains things such as absolute maximum ratings, characteristics, supply voltage, range, block diagram, typical performance, current, current sensor, temperature, and sensor. Lots of information such as input voltage, accuracy, applications, packaging, performance characteristics, output, line monitoring, battery, and current error are presented in the datasheet.

In this datasheet we can read info about functional block diagram, parameter, fan4010, transfer characteristics, voltage, typical circuit, maximum ratings, temperature range, package, and operating temperature. The following are excerpted from this datasheet:

The FAN4010 is a high-side current sense amplifier designed for battery-powered systems. Using the FAN4010 for high-side power-line monitoring does not interfere with the battery charger’s ground path. The FAN4010 is designed for portable PCs, cellular phones, and other portable systems where battery/DC power-line monitoring is critical.

Also, the datasheet explains discussion regarding standard, circuit, load, operating conditions, voltage range, error, package drawings, drawings, and recommended operating conditions.

Download Fairchild FAN4010 High Side Current Sensor Datasheet pdf
File size: 0.438 MB, number of pages: 12, download server: www.fairchildsemi.com
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