Ferrostat Speed Sensor Series DSF Explosion Proof Versions EEx

There are lots of things around voltage, power, housing, short circuit, cable length, connection diagram sensor, instrumentation, reverse polarity, and permissible operating temperature are explained inside this operating instruction. This operating instruction presents info related to surface temperature, output voltage, sensor housing, module, connection, operating, sensor, and wires.

In the operating instruction we can find information related to frequency, screen, mating connector, connection diagram, speed, protection, protection class, series resistance, and operating instructions. The following are taken from the operating instruction:

The sensor should be mounted with the middle of the front face over the middle of the tooth. With radial sensor mounting around gear or slotted wheels, the sensor is normally mounted over the centre of the wheel. Dependent upon gear width, a degree of axial movement is then permissible. The middle of the sensor must however be a minimum of 3 mm from either edge of the pole wheel under all operating conditions. Solid and vibration free mounting of the sensor is important. The sensors are insensitive to oil, grease etc and can be installed in arduous conditions. Should the cable be subjected to aggressive materials, then Teflon cable should be specified. During installation the smallest allowable pole wheel to sensor air gap should be set. The gap should however be set so as to prevent the face of the sensor ever touching the pole wheel.

Also, this operating instruction contains info regarding temperature, permissible cable, cable, electrical power, connector, power supply, circuit, and housing size.

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