Fiber Laser Strain Sensor Device with Noise Equivalent Sensitivity Equal to 80 pεrms

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We present a fiber laser strain sensor (FLSS) with noise-equivalent sensitivity equal to or better than 80 pεrms (Hz)−1/2 at very low frequencies, from 100 mHz to several hundreds of hertz. The strain affects the fiber laser emission wavelength, and an imbalanced Mach–Zender interferometer (MZI) converts wavelength variations into phase-amplitude variations. The sensor has been also tested in the time domain by applying sinusoidal strain bursts: the device also shows a good signal-to-noise ratio at the lowest burst frequencies.

Furthermore, the paper contains more things like fiber, acoustic noise, radiation, the fiber laser, strain sensor, signal, measurement, laser strain sensor, low pass filter, photo detection, strain frequency, balanced photo detection, opto electronic servo, spectrum, and the opto electronic.

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