FlexiForce Datasheet-Standard Force and Load Sensor Model #A401

There are many info like load, sensing area, and range are explained in the ebook. The ebook presents info like force range, and force.

Inside this ebook we can read explanation like standard force, and full force. Here are grabbed from this ebook:

FlexiForce® Standard Force & Load Sensors Model # A401 31.8 mm (1.25 in.) Physical Properties Thickness Length Width Sensing Area Connector Substrate Pin Spacing 0.203 mm (0.008 in.) 56.9 mm (2.24 in.)* 31.8 mm (1.25 in.) 25.4 mm (91 in.) diameter 2-pin Male Square Pin Polyester (ex: Mylar) 2.54 mm (0.1 in.) 56.9 mm (2.24 in.) Sensing area ROHS Compliant * Length does not include pins, please add approximately 6mm (0.25 in.) for pin length for a total length of approximately 64 mm (2.5 in).

Additionally, this ebook explains info about full scale, and sensor.

Download FlexiForce Datasheet-Standard Force and Load Sensor Model #A401 pdf
File size: 0.329 MB, number of pages: 3, download server: www.tekscan.com
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