Force Sensor Endevco Model 2311-1 from Isotron

In this datasheet you can find information related to voltage output, compression, modal, voltage supply, modal measurement, and sensor. The datasheet tells the reader discussion like model 2311, resonance frequency, force, voltage, and current.

There are many discussion such as constant, impedance, frequency, tension, reliability, and vibration are presented inside the datasheet. Below are chosen from the datasheet:

Physically, the sensor is almost as rigid as a comparably proportioned piece of solid steel. When inserted directly between the test article and a vibration exciter, such as an electrodynamic shaker, it accurately measures the input force without changing the mechanical characteristics of the structure. Model 2311 also features very high resonance frequency which allows short duration, fast rise time force transients to be measured.

In addition, the datasheet presents more about force sensor, constant current, sensitivity, voltage sensitivity, and signal conditioner.

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