Force Sensor fSENS from Hirschmann

In the brochure we can get information such as output signal, cable load, transducers, data, temperature, shearing force, and integrated amplifier. The brochure tells us info around force, pins, protection type, operating voltage, signal, and force transducers.

Lots of information like transducer, compression, tension compression force, sensors, external amplifier, pressure forces, and amplifier are described inside the brochure. Below are excerpted from the brochure:

Force sensors from Hirschmann Automation & Control
are used for measuring static and dynamic loads, registering shearing force and capturing data in the area of tensile and pressure forces. Areas of application include force measurements in cranes and winches, traction force measurements in vehicles and ships as well as pressure force measurements in fork lift trucks, shelf conveyors, overhead
cranes, and gantry cranes.

In addition, the brochure contains information such as nominal load, force transducer, force sensor, operating temperature, compression force, and force measurements.

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