Force Sensor Interface Guide for Inastomer from Inaba

The guide, tells us things regarding nano particles, circuits, sensor, current limiting, the source impedance, force sensitivity, force feedback, material, and adhesive tape. In this guide, the reader can find information related to application, adjustment, devices, temperature, divider circuit, interface devices, impedance, and response.

Many explanation regarding bias currents, limiting resistor, durability, sensor assembly, sensor material, sensor configuration, current limiting resistor, and instantaneous response are presented in the guide,. These are excerpted from this guide,:

A typical sensor assembly, shown below, consists of a layer of Inastomer® material bonded to a flex circuit with a protective polymer layer atop the sensor material. In many applications it is more effective to bond the Inastomer® material pad directly to a pc board trace. The size and shape of the sensor pad can be configured to satisfy the application requirement.

Also, the guide, explains info such as force, low bias currents, the voltage divider, force resistance, sensitivity, interface circuits, source impedance, and configuration.

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