Force Sensor KD40S – ME-Meßsysteme GmbH

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The force sensor KD40S is very well suited for testing tasks in quality assurance as well as in materials testing due to its compact construction. Inward and outward force transmission are arranged centrically. The force sensors KD40S up to 100N are constructed as multi-range sensors. The accuracy of 0.1% is already reached at an rated output of 0.5 mV/V. This means that the zero-point stability is 4 times higher than in a sensor with the nominal output of 2 mV/V. The force sensor KD40S can be used up to an output signal of 2 mV/V or four times the specified nominal force.

Even more, this datasheet explains more regarding sensor, force sensor kd40s, rated output, temp coeff, signal, construction, and temperature range.

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