FPGA Temperature Sensor

In the project report you can learn description such as bit, conversion, oscillator, consumption, oscillator delay, inverter, voltage, channel, power, inverters, and sensor. Many discussion about development, calibrated count, measured temperature, heat, resolution, equation, temperature conversion, temperature sensor, propagation delay, time, and power consumption are explained in this project report.

This project report tells you things regarding temperature range, pulse generator, calculated temperature, fpga, testing, pulse, threshold voltage, accuracy, data, board, and tool. Here are excerpted from the project report:

Partnering with C-4 Systems of General Dynamics in Needham, MA, this Worcester Polytechnic Institute Major Qualifying Project team explored the idea of designing a completely digital temperature sensor on field-programmable gate arrays. The goals of this MQP were (1) to find consistency between our research and results, and (2) to design a sensor capable of outputting a range of 0-70°C, a resolution of 0.1°C/count, and an error of ±1°C. Since propagation delay is dependent on temperature, we designed a ring oscillator out of logical inverters and counted the number of set clock periods to measure the length of the oscillator’s total delay. We implemented our design and determined its measuring capability to be 20-70°C with an average resolution of ~0.13°C/count and an error of ±2.75°C.

In addition, this project report tells us more regarding digital converter, monitor, inverter ring oscillator, clock, range, design, simulation, chip, propagation, and temperature.

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