Freescale MPX10 Series : 10 kPa Uncompensated Silicon Pressure Sensor Datasheet

Inside this datasheet you can learn info about error, package dimensions, device, temperature coefficient, linearity, the output voltage, operating characteristics, pressure, excitation range, and output voltage. The datasheet presents things regarding voltage, mpx10, response time, scale, pressure, design, range, supply, and differential pressure.

Many discussion related to pressure sensors, pressure sensor, sensors, compensation, full scale, dimension, application, pressure range, and the pressure sensor are presented in this datasheet. Here are selected from the datasheet:

MPX10 Sensors Freescale Semiconductor 3 Pressure Temperature Compensation Figure 2 shows the typical output characteristics of the MPX10 series over temperature. Because this strain gauge is an integral part of the silicon diaphragm, there are no temperature effects due to differences in the thermal expansion of the strain gauge and the diaphragm, as are often encountered in bonded strain gauge pressure sensors. However, the properties of the strain gauge itself are temperature dependent, requiring that the device be temperature compensated if it is to be used over an extensive temperature range. Temperature compensation and offset calibration can be achieved rather simply with additional resistive components, or by designing your system using the MPX2010D series sensor.

Also, this datasheet explains discussion regarding strain gauge, temperature compensation, output, full scale span, strain gauge design, systems, voltage output, control systems, and sensor.

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