Freescale Semiconductor Application Note : Interfacing Semiconductor Pressure Sensor to Microcomputers

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The most popular silicon pressure sensors are piezoresistive bridges that produce a differential output voltage in response to pressure applied to a thin silicon diaphragm. Output voltage for these sensors is generally 25 to 50 mV full scale. Interface to microcomputers, therefore, generally involves gaining up the relatively small output voltage, performing a differential to single ended conversion, and scaling the analog signal into a range appropriate for analog to digital conversion. Alternately, the analog pressure signal can be converted to a frequency modulated 5 V waveform or 4-20 mA current loop, either of which is relatively immune to noise on long interconnect lines.

In addition, the application note contains information about input voltage, circuits, precision, the frequency output, the bridge resistors, bridge resistors, output, applications, the instrumentation amplifier, voltage, and instrumentation amplifier interface.

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