FT 25-RA : An Optical Short Range Distance Sensor

In the product information you can get things such as operating voltage, output, invertible analogue characteristic, distance, and response time. Lots of information such as switching, sensor, independant detection, and high flexibility are presented inside this product information.

The product information contains discussion such as precise control, clamping screw, precise determination, and high repeatability. Below are some excerpt from this product information:

The measurement principle of optical triangulation is suitable for the precise determination of distances at close range. With the help of special receiver optics and a position-sensitive detector (e.g. a photodiode line), the sensor can determine the object distance regardless of its reflectivity (see illustration below). The colour and surface properties (e.g. highly reflective) thus have practically no effect on measurement accuracy. The FT 25-RA distance sensor provides a signal proportional to the distance, transmitted via the analogue output (1 … 10 V). Additionaly, an arbitrary switching window is adjustable within the measuring range (via the teach-in button). The output of the two switching points is supplied at the digital. switching output.

Giving more content, this product information presents more regarding measurement, measurement range, sensitive detector, and steel.

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