F/T Data Acquisition (DAQ) Six-Axis Force/Torque Sensor System

There are lots of information related to sensing ranges resolution, adapter plate, mounting, acquisition system, system, sensing, interface, power, analog output range, calibration, industrial automation, properties, differential channel, resolutions, and ranges are presented inside the manual. This manual tells us information like information, mounting adapter, resolution, installation, transducer, range, output, complex, tool, connector, versions, sensitivity values, document, and tool transform factor.

Inside the manual you can read description regarding input, operation manual, transducers, acquisition card, sensor, drive, acquisition, noise, adapter, data acquisition system, effective resolution, signals, supply, input channel, and filtering note. These are taken from the manual:

The transducer is a compact, rugged, monolithic structure that converts force and torque into analog strain gage signals. The transducer is commonly used as a wrist sensor mounted between a robot and a robot end-effector. he high-flex life transducer cable is electrically shielded to protect transmission from the transducer Power Supply or Interface Power Supply boxes, small transducers have the cable integrally attached. Larger transducers have a separate cable. The Interface Power Supply box is typically used with the small Nano and Mini transducers. It supplies power to the transducer and electronics, as well as conditioning the transducer signals to be used with a data acquisition system. The transducer’s 12-pin cable plugs into this box. The Power Supply box is used with larger transducers that have on-board interface electronics. The 20-pin transducer cable plugs into this box.

Furthermore, this manual gives you discussion around operation, signal, sensing ranges, channel, manual, caution, loading, standard interface, acquisition hardware, cable, data acquisition, transducer section, manual document, and power supply.

Download F/T Data Acquisition (DAQ) Six-Axis Force/Torque Sensor System pdf
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