Functional Profile for Light Sensor

In the functional profile you can find description related to configuration, and light sensor. There are many things regarding the light sensor, and range are described in this functional profile.

This functional profile contains info around light, and light sensor. Here are chosen from the functional profile:

Light Sensor LONMARK Functional Profile: Light Sensor 1 1010-10 © 1997, LONMARK Interoperability Association Echelon, LON, LONW ORKS, LONMARK, and the LONMARK logo are trademarks of Echelon Corporation registered in the United States and other countries. 2 Light Sensor: 1010 Version 1.0 Overview This document describes the profile for a light sensor object. The profile is used for devices that can measure ambient light levels. Light Sensor Object Data File Transfer Figure 1.1 Light Sensor Object Functional Profile Example Usage The light sensor is used with controller objects such as the constant light controller.

Even more, the functional profile presents more about , and ambient light.

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