Functional Specifications and Uses: Foot Force Sensor

This technical note tells the reader discussion around controller, voltage, analysis, force, injury, and sensor. In the technical note we can get things around mobile device, micro controller, loop, pattern, wires, and device.

There are lots of explanation regarding data storage, buffer, mobile, pressure, input, and data are explained in the technical note. Below are taken from this technical note:

The main components of this system are the sensor array, micro controller-sensor interface and client mobile application. The sensors will physically connect to the micro controller which will act as an intermediary piece, temporarily collecting data and sending it out the a mobile device for larger data storage and analysis. The micro controller will have a buffer to store incoming data before sending it out. Initially we will use a micro usb cable to transfer data between the mobile device and micro controller, but we would like to move to a wireless form of communication if possible. On the phone side, there will be a separate arrays to take data on different movement patterns. For example, an array to take data while a patient is just standing, another for walking forward and another for lateral motion because the forces across the foot will not be the same through different movement patterns and isolating the data for each pattern will make it easier to deal with writing an analysis algorithm for each pattern.

In addition, the technical note presents more around phone, array, resistor, sensitivity, power, and pressure sensor.

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