Garmin Water Speed Sensor Installation Instructions

Lots of explanation such as route, speed, cable clamps, cable, and bracket are described inside the installation instruction. This installation instruction tells the reader things like pilot, installation, sensor, path, and mounting bracket.

In this installation instruction we can find info such as sensor cable approximately, coat, sensor cable, location, and speed sensor cable. These are excerpted from this installation instruction:

It may be possible to route the speed sensor cable through an existing drain hole, or it may be necessary to drill a hole in the transom to route the cable through. Before drilling through the transom, ensure that any wires, cables, or lines are removed from the area inside the boat. When routing the speed sensor cable to the sonar or to the GST™ 10 adapter, avoid routing the cable close to electrical wires or other sources of electrical interference. Do not cut the cable jacket while routing the cable. Do not cut the speed sensor cable. If the cable is too long, coil the extra
cable and secure it using a cable tie. If the cable is too short, contact your Garmin dealer for an extension cable.

Giving more content, the installation instruction contains discussion around speed sensor, turbulent, routing, inside, and mounting.

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