GE’s Type NPA Pressure Sensor Application Guide

In this guide we can read description about signal, code, function, counter, general description, port, baud rate, npa, load current, data, ratiometric voltage, strobe time, and analog circuits. Lots of information like parity, digital circuits, packet, rate, output, data transmission, encoding, overvoltage protection, cycle, range, supply, and sensor are explained inside this guide.

This guide contains discussion like microcontroller, sensor type, loop, block diagram, digital transmission, data packet, load resistor, circuits, interface, pressure data, sensor interface, and load. These are taken from the guide:

The NPA series of pressure sensors combines GE’s SenStable┬« silicon fusion bonded pressure die technology with packaged electronics to provide highly stable, amplified and calibrated pressure measurement in a cost effective surface mount package. The NPA is offered in a range of pressure ratings. Various port configurations are available to measure absolute, gauge and differential pressures. Versions are offered with either analogue or digital outputs. This application guide should be read in conjunction with product data sheet 920-477.

In addition, the guide presents information such as example, pressure sensor, transmission, typical application, memory location, control, application circuits, pressure, pressure reading, pressure, temperature, and digital signal.

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