GFSIGNET 2350 Temperature Sensor

This technical information contains things like sensor, base, temperature, transmitter, universal mount kit, panel, and installation model. Many information around conduit base locking, locking ring, integral mount kit, temperature range, cable, and integral mount are described inside the technical information.

Inside the technical information the reader can learn things regarding installation, mounting, temperature sensor, submersion, connection, standard, and range. The following are taken from this technical information:

Temperature Sensor has an all PVDF body to maintain purity and outlast metal sensors in aggressive liquids eliminating the need for costly custom thermowells. Standard 3/4” NPT thread allows simple installation in any piping system. Threaded both ends allow for submersion in process vessels or for in-line applications with attachment of conduit. Digital signal allows for wiring distances between sensor and + GF + SIGNET 3-8350 Temperature Transmitter of up to 200 ft. An integral adapter (optional) allows for integration of the sensor and transmitter into a compact assembly.

Also, the technical information explains information things like process, panel mount, panel mount transmitters, temperature transmitter, mount transmitters, and universal mount.

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