GP2Y0A0YK Long Distance Measuring Sensor Datasheet

This datasheet presents info like electronic, measuring, sensor, to reflective object, telecommunication equipment, and analog output voltage. Inside this datasheet the reader can get description about circuit, distance measuring, devices, output voltage, and distance.

Lots of discussion regarding analog output, distance measuring range, reliability, measurement, output, and object are presented inside this datasheet. Here are some excerpt from the datasheet:

For detection of human body and various types of objects in home appliances, OA equipment, etc Parameter Supply voltage *1 Output terminal voltage Operating temperature Storage temperature # Light emitter side I Applications Light detector side 13 11.9 R3.75 (Unit : mm) 4-R1.75 4.475 4.5 1. Less influence on the colors of reflected objects and their reflectivity, due to optical triangle measuring method 2. Distance output type (Detection range:20 to 150cm) 3. An external control circuit is not necessary Output can be connected directly to a microcomputer

Furthermore, this datasheet presents information such as optical, voltage, reflective object, reliability and safety, and measuring range.

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