GX-U Series: DC 2-wire Cylindrical Inductive Proximity Sensor

This product sheet presents info related to sensor circuit, threaded type, range, steel, spatter resistant, shielded type, leakage current, sensor, connector, mounting, wiring, stable sensing, and supply. There are many information such as maximum load current, object, mating cable, operating point, sensing range, maximum operation, circuit, indicator part, correlation, load, voltage, sensing, and metal are explained inside this product sheet.

Inside the product sheet the reader can read explanation regarding standard sensing object, internal circuit, power supply, supply voltage, load current, indicator, current, maximum operation distance, bleeder resistance, sensing object side, ambient temperature, tightening torque, and maximum load. The following are chosen from this product sheet:

The tightening torque has been improved to approx. four times greater than that of conventional models because of its thick case. As the sensor can be securely tightened, it
does not get loose due to vibration or shock. As the enclosure is entirely coated by
fluorine resin, the sensor can be safely used at a place where welding spatters fly around.
Both the pigtail cable and the mating cable are also spatter-resistant.The GX-U series features 1.6 times longer sensing range than conventional models. As it can be mounted at a sufficient distance from the object, there is no fear of the sensor and the object colliding.

Additionally, this product sheet gives you discussion things like sensing object, actuation voltage, standard sensing, resistance, protection, sensing field, stable sensing range, residual voltage, distance, color indicator, setting distance, and ambient.

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