Hall Effect Current Sensor Model CTL

In the datasheet you can read things regarding excitation current, input, temperature range, current, instrument, and resistance. This datasheet contains discussion such as cables, effect, signal, cable, current range, and sensor output.

Many explanation such as temperature, sensor output signal, signal conditioners, response, sensor, and output are described in this datasheet. These are excerpted from the datasheet:

Ohio Semitronics has been a leader in the field of Hall effect current measurement for more than 35 years. Since Ohio Semitronics pioneered the development of materials required for precise measurements, we have developed devices used for commercial, industrial, military and space applications. The most popular Hall-effect current sensor products are the CTL/CTA product families. The CTL is a current sensor and the CTA is a signal conditioner which provides the nominal output. These two units are factory calibrated together for maximum accuracy and linearity. This combination of units gives the greatest flexibility in terms of inputs and outputs.

Giving more content, the datasheet tells the reader more about current sensor, range, drive, linearity, and excitation.

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