Hall Effect Speed Sensor HD for Frequency Proportional Speed Measurement

In this datasheet you can read things such as measuring surface, supply, type, output, motor, hall effect semiconductor, short circuit, height, range, and code. Many info like rotary speed, signal, connector type, gear, thread engagement, measuring, temperature, gear wheel, unit, and mounting are explained in the datasheet.

This datasheet presents things like rotary, axial piston, elbow connector, ordering code, distance, hall effect sensors, sensor, cable, speed, and fixed length. These are selected from the datasheet:

The HD Hall-effect speed sensor is used for contact-free measurement of the rotary speeds of Brueninghaus Hydromatik hydraulic motors of types A2FM (see RE 91001), A2FE (see RE 91008), A6VM (see RE 91604) or A6VE (see RE 91606). The sensor is installed in a special mounting hole in the housing of the axial piston motor and detects the speed on an internal gear wheel or comparable component made of ferromagnetic material. Using a Hall-effect semiconductor device, the HD sensor detects the change in magnetic flux and converts this parameter into squarewave signals in the built-in electronic unit. The frequency f of the generated sensor output voltage is a function of the number of teeth z on the circumference of the gear wheel and of the rotary speed n of the input shaft or output shaft: z•n f in sec-1 f= 60 n in min-1 The rotary speed of the axial piston motor can be calculated from the frequency of the signal using a suitable electronic device (e.g. an MC microcontroller, RE 95050).

Also, this datasheet gives us discussion about connector, speed sensor, straight connector, hydraulic motor, measurement, hall effect, seal ring, ring, temperature range, and mating connector.

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