Hanbook for The Watlow Temperature Sensors

There are lots of info such as infrared, accuracy, operating temperature, tolerances, temperature sensors, thermocouple, and temperature sensors thermocouple are presented in the hanbook. Inside this hanbook you can get info around infrared sensor, emissivity, controller, temperature controller, temperature sensors rtd, and measuring error.

The hanbook contains info such as sensor, comparison chart, temperature range, thermistor, temperature measurement, and rtd. These are some excerpt from the hanbook:

The controller automatically corrects or “compensates” for the reference junction temperature. It does this by using a small temperature sensor to measure the reference junction temperature. Then the controller electronically “adds in”a reference junction temperature adjustment. That is why it displays the correct temperature! For example, a controller measures a reference junction temperature of 20˚C (68˚F). If a Type J thermocouple is used, the controller automatically adds 1.019 millivolts to any signal it receives from the thermocouple. If the measuring junction is also at 68˚F, the controller receives 0 mV. The total then is 1.019 millivolts.

Additionally, the hanbook contains information about sensors, metal thermocouples, calibration tolerances, thermocouples, temperature, and thermal system.

Download Hanbook for The Watlow Temperature Sensors pdf
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