Honeywell’s Handbook of Hall Effect Sensing and Application

Inside this handbook the reader can learn description such as supply voltage, effect, temperature, residual induction, logic, sensor, linear output sensors, input, function, magnetic system, system, sensors, switch, load, magnetic systems, current sinking, maximum ratings, and flow rate sensor. This handbook contains explanation related to permanent magnet, magnet, transfer function, sensing device, control for application, force, magnetic circuit, position, magnetic material, calibrated hall device, output, interface, magnetic considerations, voltage, electrical considerations, current sensor, analog output sensor, and hall element.

There are many info such as energy, control, power supply, flux, pole, characteristics, circuit, hall effect sensors, operation, design, magnetic characteristics, electrical characteristics, specifications, range, current, current sensors, output voltage, and flux density are described in the handbook. The following are excerpted from this handbook:

Today, Hall effect devices are included in many products, ranging from computers to sewing machines, automobiles to aircraft, and machine tools to medical equipment. Quantity to be sensed Hall effect sensors The Hall effect is an ideal sensing technology. The Hall element is constructed from a thin sheet of conductive material with output connections perpendicular to the direction of current flow. When subjected to a magnetic field, it responds with an output voltage proportional to the magnetic field strength. The voltage output is very small (┬ÁV) and requires additional electronics to achieve useful voltage levels. When the Hall element is combined with the associated electronics, it forms a Hall effect sensor.

Also, the handbook presents info around release point, hall effect sensing, reference point, distance, signal, input interface, design approach, digital output, magnet materials, magnetic flux, magnetic curves, sensing, digital output current, position sensor, hall effect, curve, and switch sensing.

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