High Dynamic Range Thermal Measurement Technique

In this paper we can find information related to thermal noise measurement, photo detector, thermal noise measurement, transfer function measurement, laser beam, thermal noise spectrum, transfer function, noise, impulse, and flexure suspension. Many information around impulse response, noise measurement, suspension system, the fast fourier, the thermal noise, frequency, design, flexure, and thermal noise are described in this paper.

The paper contains things related to laser, intensity response, signals, noise measurement technique, thermal noise, gravitational wave detectors”, measurement technique, interferometric, output, and intensity. Below are grabbed from the paper:

We report the measurement of the transfer function of a flexure suspension system which is used in the ANU thermal noise experiment. This suspension hinges over four thin machined flexure membranes ensuring uniaxial motion. We have succesfully measured the transfer function of the suspension using a novel high dynamic range measuring technique.

Even more, this paper presents information regarding frequency range, thermal, error signal, the intensity response, noise level, spectrum, dynamic range, noise spectrum, and measurement.

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