High-Performance Planar Isolated Current Sensor for Power Electronics Applications

Lots of things related to isolated current, leakage inductance, high performance planar, current step response, capacitance, prototype, output signal, power, output, power electron, hall effect, sensing, frequency, magnetic flux, planar transformer, and current are described inside this paper. In the paper you can find description about planar prototype, hall effect element, sensor, planar isolated current, inductance, electrical engineering, current sensing, current step, loop, device, closed loop, circuit, secondary winding, resistance, transformer, and function.

The paper gives the reader information like probe, magnetic circuit, current rating, lower corner frequency, frequency bandwidth, permeability, current transformer, step response, model, converters, winding resistance, bandwidth, measurement, planar, magnetic core, and electronics. These are selected from the paper:

A planar current sensor, comprised of a magnetic current transformer and a Hall-effect element, is presented. The sensor has a broad frequency bandwidth from dc up to 30 MHz, a high current rating (40-A dc), superior linearity, high EMI immunity, small size, robustness, and low realization cost. The main design formulations are given analytically; simulations and finite-element results are presented for verification.

Even more, the paper tells the reader info things like signal, immunity, power electronics, performance, high frequency, current sensor, effect, response, proposed current, voltage, technology, hall element, proposed sensor, electron, element, and winding.

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