High Speed Response UV Laser Sensor

Lots of information about output voltage, output, output signal, photonics, power supply, supply voltage, light input, and sensitivity are explained inside the datasheet. The datasheet contains explanation like parameter, effective, voltage peak, wavelength, parameter supply, voltage, voltage peak output, and response.

In the datasheet we can find description around response wavelength, parameter radiant, ambient temperature, temperature, pulse width, radiant sensitivity, amplifier, and maximum response wavelength. The following are chosen from the datasheet:

H8497 series OVER VIEW UV Laser Sensor Modules provide high sensitivity in the VUV to UV region. Excellent solar blind characteristics eliminate the need for visual cut-off filters, thus extending the service life of the module. The phototube is assembled in a compact, easyto-use TO-8 style package, along with a high voltage power supply that operates by low voltage input. The H8497 further incorporates an amplifier for voltage output.

Furthermore, this datasheet contains information things like signal polarity, signal output, operating voltage, maximum response, frequency, output current, uv laser sensor, and signal.

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