Highest Performance Digital Temperature Sensors in the World

Inside the product information you can read information around supply, input, remote temperature sensors, temperature indicator, terminal temperature transducer, temperature transducer, digital temperature, headquarters, current, digital temperature sensor, critical temperature, and devices. This product information presents information regarding mode, undertemperature indicators, headquarters analog devices, analog devices, accuracy, indicators, current output, headquarters analog, operating temperature, temperature range, range, and remote temperature.

Lots of explanation like cold junction, drain, selectable increments, sensor, indicator, supply current, channel, cold junction compensation, systems, applications, increments, and output are described inside the product information. These are chosen from this product information:

The ADT7420 and ADT7320 digital temperature sensors are fully calibrated, 16-bit resolution, high linearity sensors that achieve ±0.25°C accuracy over a –20°C to +105°C temperature range. The higher accuracy eliminates the need to average results, ensuring faster data measurement, higher precision control loops, and improved energy efficiency and reliability in industrial, instrumentation, and medical applications. The ADT7420 and ADT7320 digital temperature sensors are plug-in ready and require no additional signal conditioning or calibration.

In addition, the product information contains more around ratiometric sensor, digital output, resolution, control, temperature sensor, imaging systems, bit digital temperature, critical temperature indicator, lead, temperature, pin selectable increments, and pin.

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