Highly Sensitive Flexible Pressure Sensors with Rubber Dielectric Layers

Inside this article you can get info like flexible pressure sensors, dieletric layers, artificial intelligence, technology, and electronic skin. The article presents info such as pixel pressure sensor, electrodes, compatible technology, sensitive pixel, and stretchable substrate.

There are many things about thin film capacitor, devices, fabrication process, triangular profile, and pressure sensors are presented in this article. The following are taken from this article:

In order to successfully mimic the properties of natural skin, large arrays of pixel pressure sensors on a flexible and stretchable substrate are required. While promising routes towards stretchable matrixtype substrates[1] and electrodes[2] were developed in the past, there is still a need for a low-cost, large-area compatible technology for the production of pressure-sensitive pixels that are sensitive in both the medium pressure regime (10-100 kPa) to lowpressure regime (<10 kPa, gentle touch around 1kPa). We have developed flexible pressure sensors that employ the thin film capacitor and the organic field effect transistor device structures.

Even more, the article contains info about capacitive pressure sensors, maximum sensitivity , relative signal change , structured film, pressure response curves, and schematic process.

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