Honeywell Speed Sensor Line Guide

This line guide presents discussion regarding hall effect sensor, output voltage, resolution, applications, operating temperature range, performance, voltage range, and hall effect. Lots of information about temperature range, speed, signal, output voltage range, gear speed measurement, frequency, speed measurement, and potential applications are presented in the line guide.

In this line guide we can learn info around passive speed sensors, frequency range, speed performance, protection, application, sensor, speed sensors, and sensors. These are taken from the line guide:

Speed Sensors Line Guide Speed and reliability. Honeywell S&C offers electronic speed and position sensors designed for enhanced reliability and an extended life. Honeywell uses multiple technologies to detect a change in magnetic field and create an electronic signal for control system interface. These technologies offer the ability to detect speed, direction, or position of a moving ferrous metal or magnetic target. Sensing is accomplished without contacting the target, and there are no moving parts. This eliminates mechanical wear of the sensor or target. Honeywell offers a comprehensive line-up of Hall-effect, magnetoresistive, and variable reluctance sensors which provide electrical compatibility to most control system interfaces. We also offer a variety of sensor package types designed to enable mounting flexibility and wire harness interface compatibility

Furthermore, the line guide gives the reader more about installation, orientation, speed sensor, range, measurement, operating temperature, and output.

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