Honeywell Temperature Sensor User Manual

There are lots of info such as temperature sensor, transmission, temperature readings, and the remote temperature are explained inside the user manual. This user manual contains information related to installation, temperature transmission, and temperature.

In this user manual we can read explanation regarding specifications, the remote sensor, and remote sensor. Here are selected from the user manual:

100 feet (30 meters) transmission range without interference Selection of the temperature display in Celsius or Fahrenheit Three available channels for temperature transmission Reset for all previous readings • One remote sensor (transmitter) TS13C Temperature LCD display Case can be wall mounted using built-in hanger • • • • In this package you will find: Remote temperature transmission to the main unit via 433 MHz signal Low Battery Indication A.

Furthermore, the user manual explains info around transmission range, temperature display, and sensor.

Download Honeywell Temperature Sensor User Manual pdf
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