How to Select the Right Temperature Sensor

In this instruction manual the reader can learn description about self heating, voltage signals, output voltage, signal, accurate temperature measurements, thermistors, current source, temperature, thermistor, automobile engine, self powered, table, four wire method, measurement setup, measurement, current, and method. There are many discussion such as electronic component, cold junction compensation, consideration, lead, junction compensation, environments, selected sensor mounting, error, dissimilar metals, function, device, calibration, chip device, wire, power, linearization, and resulting voltage are presented in this instruction manual.

The instruction manual gives you discussion around four wire resistance, heating, sensor, temperature range, temperature sensor, right temperature sensor, setup, right temperature, voltage, junction, wire method, thermocouple, resistance measurement, copper, thermistor resistance, compensation, and instruments. These are excerpted from this instruction manual:

There are several considerations when selecting a temperature sensor. First, consider the type of application. What is the device to be measured? Is it ambient air temperature in a room or enclosure? An electronic component with plastic or metal packaging that may or may not have high voltages present? Or an ingot of glowing steel? Perhaps some part of an automobile engine such as an intake or exhaust port? Some of these considerations can drive the choice of sensor due to environmental and safety factors, cost budget per sensor, and distance from sensor to instrument. can handle this temperature range, and the type K is the most general purpose thermocouple for such applications.

Additionally, the instruction manual gives you info such as cold junction, measurement device, wire resistance, resistance measurement setup, sensor mounting, resistance, source, thermocouples, types, circuit, wire resistance measurement, temperature measurements, range, output, response, component, and accurate temperature.

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