IC ACS709 : High Bandwidth, Fast Fault Response Current Sensor

Inside the datasheet you can get information around propagation delay, fault response, ambient, conduction path, rise time, performance characteristics, output, hall sensor, current, external capacitor, bandwidth, switchpoint, signal, enhanced package, condition, response, voltage, high bandwidth, characteristics, performance, current sensor, and sensed current. The datasheet contains explanation such as fault reset, primary conductor, scale, temperature, stabilization technique, drift, thermal resistance, accuracy, capacitor, supply, delay, hall element, sensitivity, response current, primary current signal, specified characteristic, resistance, pins, chopper stabilization, scale current, response current sensor, and current flow.

Lots of things regarding analog output, offset voltage, performance data, device, fault switchpoint, ambient temperature, test conditions, filter, range, response time, output voltage, package, current sink, input, sensor, electrical offset, characteristic performance, electrical offset voltage, quiescent output voltage, offset, time, and cutoff worcester are described in the datasheet. Here are taken from the datasheet:

The ACS709 consists of a precision linear Hall sensor integrated circuit with a copper conduction path located near the surface of the silicon die. Applied current flows through the copper conduction path, and the analog output voltage from the Hall sensor IC linearly tracks the magnetic field generated by the applied current. The accuracy of the ACS709 is maximized with this patented packaging configuration because the Hall element is situated in extremely close proximity to the current to be measured. High level immunity to current conductor dV/dt and stray electric fields, offered by Allegro proprietary integrated shield technology, guarantees low output ripple and low offset drift in high-side applications.

Giving more content, this datasheet presents discussion about supply voltage, voltage reference, copper conduction, applications, primary current, amplifier gain, thermally enhanced package, fast fault response, product, reference, parameter, acs709 characteristic performance, applied current, microsystems, reference output, overcurrent input, overcurrent fault threshold, noise, fault threshold, current flowing, and ambient temperature symmetry.

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