Implementation of Tactile and Proximity Sensing Capability on a Single Polymer Platform

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In this paper, we report a flexible dual-mode capacitive sensor for robot applications which has two sensing capabilities in a single platform; tactile and proximity sensing capability. The sensor consists of a mechanical structure based on PDMS (Polydimethylsiloxane) and a mesh of multiple copper electrode strips. The mesh is composed of 16 top and 16 bottom copper strips crossed each other to form a 16 16 capacitor array. The proposed sensor is able to switch its function from tactile sensing to proximity sensing or vice versa by reconfiguring the connection of electrodes. The tactile sensing capability has been demonstrated already and reported in our previous paper (Lee et al., 2006); therefore, in this paper, we will demonstrate the feasibility of the proximity sensing capability and the dual-mode operation of the proposed sensor in detail. The capacitance change caused by an approaching object has been estimated through simulation of multiple two-dimensional models as an initial study.

Giving more content, this paper tells us discussion about electrical engineering, proposed sensor, sensing capabilities, detectable distance, switch, sensing capability, proximity sensing mode, simulation, information, sensing mode, electrode configuration, capacitance, and initial capacitance.

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