Improved Internal Reference Oxygen Sensors with Composite Ceramic Electrodes

The pap presents information such as rate, response, solid state, cell structure, oxygen, time, society, stability test, impedance, electrochemical properties, potentiometric oxygen, operation temperature, fabrication, voltage, electrode, and error. There are lots of information such as ceramic electrodes, electrolyte, open circuit voltage, potentiometric oxygen sensors, extended working temperature, thermal cycling, composite ceramic electrodes, sealing layer, cell voltage, oxygen sensor, sensing electrode, current density, composite, current, measured cell voltage, and gas are described inside the pap.

Inside this pap we can find information regarding test setup, stability, sensor, binary mixture, ceramic, sensing, mixture, resistance, solid, accuracy, cycling, setup, high temperature, cell structures, depletion, and input resistance. Here are chosen from the pap:

Potentiometric oxygen sensors with an internal reference electrode, which uses the equilibrium pO2 of the binary mixture of Ni/NiO as the reference, are demonstrated. The cells employ Pt or composite ceramics as the sensing electrode. The cells are fabricated by a flexible and potentially low cost method and show high accuracy. The errors in cell voltage are less than 4 mV above 359◦ C. The cells exhibit good stability (>5100 hrs), extended working temperature range, good tolerance to thermal and pO2 cycling, fast response and easy recoverability when Ni is depleted. Both cell fabrication and performance are highly reproducible. The composite ceramics, based on strontium doped manganite and yttria doped zirconia, are proven superior over Pt to serve as the electrode material.

Furthermore, the pap tells you info about equilibrium, response time, actuators, cell components, circuit voltage, structure, cell performance, temperature, open circuit, cell fabrication, working temperature range, performance, temperature range, binary, experimental setup, and working temperature.

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