Individual Calibration of Oxygen Sensors

Inside this technical manual you can learn information regarding monitoring, channel calibration, individual calibration, oxygen sensors, instrument, and manual measurement. Lots of information around calibration settings, value, manual measurement mode, calibration process, sensor, and calibration value are explained inside this technical manual.

The technical manual gives the reader discussion such as measurement, settings, computer, air, calibration, and channel. Here are excerpted from the technical manual:

The ICT02 Soil Oxygen Sensors provide a range of voltage readings which are linear in progression from zero to approximately 45-65 millivolts in free air. This variation requires each sensor to be individually calibrated to generate a corrected value for % oxygen. We provide an overall lookup table for each type of sensor that is generalised for mid-range of the sensor calibration. The calibration process is straight forward,using a known value of 20.9% Oxygen in free air. The sensor has internal temperature compensation circuitry to remove the influence of temperature on the sensor readings. Calibration of the sensors is carried out using the ICT Instrumentation Software provided free with the Soil Oxygen Meter (SOM). If your computer is connected to the internet the software will automatically check for any updates when you run the program
. Connect your computer to SOM using the methods described in the manual provided, and start the ICT Instrument Software

In addition, this technical manual contains info about environmental monitoring, solutions, instrument software, measurement mode, oxygen, and calibrated channels.

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