Inductive Proximity Sensor from Red Lion

Inside this product information you can get things such as proximity sensor, liability, metal, sensor, sensing, eddy currents, and power supply. This product information presents discussion regarding current source, products, sensing distance, wire, application, and proximity.

Many info related to threaded proximity sensor, metal objects, target, mounting brackets, inductive proximity sensors, mounting, and inductive proximity are presented inside the product information. Below are selected from the product information:

Ideally, spacing between adjacent targets should be at least one sensor diameter so that the first target completely leaves the sensors field before the next target appears. Individual targets can still be resolved as separate objects if this spacing is reduced to 70 or 75% of the sensor diameter, however, this can introduce a minimum limit on sensing distance that makes adjustment more critical. All Proximity sensors are internally shielded which allows the sensor face to be flush mounted in metal applications without reducing sensing distance. In applications where proximity sensors must be placed next to each other, a distance of at least 1 sensor diameter should separate sensors to eliminate any frequency interference

Even more, this product information presents discussion such as threaded proximity, open collector, dimensions, oscillator, field, and target indicator.

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