Infineon Current Sensing Using Linear Hall Sensor

Lots of things such as sensing application, resistor, application example, worst case performance, sensing, range, current sensing, current sensing, signal processing, voltage, windings, power, configuration, galvanic isolation, signal, closed loop configuration, hall, open loop, error contributions, and sensitivity are explained inside this document. In this document we can learn description about open loop current, primary circuit, resolution, protocol, interface, high resolution, linear hall sensors, technologies, design, closed loop, synchronous transmission, measurement range, current sensor, multiplicative sensitivity errors, hall sensors, loop configuration, sensors, effect, and shunt resistor.

This document contains information related to permeability, hall sensor, concentrator, sensor, range selection, conductor, measurement, side shunt resistor, sensing application example, relative error, field concentrator, sensitivity errors, analog ratiometric, infineon technologies, feedback, hall effect, current, multiplicative sensitivity, transmission, and information. The following are chosen from the document:

Current Sensing Principles of Current Measurement High-Side Shunt Resistor The use of a high-side shunt simplifies the wiring since now the load can be connected directly to the common battery ground, which is often available locally, for example in the form of the car chassis in automotive applications.

In addition, this document explains info regarding loop systems, open loop configuration, offset errors, effective permeability, circuit, solution, application, current measurement, digital signal, current sensing application, magnetic material, loop current sensor, materials, loop, package, temperature, accuracy, integral nonlinearity, and sensing field concentrators.

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