Infrared Distance Sensor Datasheet from Eowave

This datasheet presents info around boundary line, measuring distance, ir distance sensors, and output voltage. In this datasheet we can read info such as distance sensors, voltage, sensors, and distance sensor.

Lots of discussion like infrared, output, detector, and infrared distance are presented inside the datasheet. The following are chosen from the datasheet:

InfraRed Distance Sensors FEATURES Distance measuring range : 5-30cm 20-80cm 60-300cm Analog output type Continuous APPLICATIONS Touch-less switch (Home equipment, Control of illumination, etc. ) Sensor for energy saving (Laptop computer,LCD monitor) Amusement equipment (Robot, Arcade game machine) Music Live control Theremin FXs Eowave InfraRed Distance Sensor Eowave IR distance sensors are measuring sensor units, composed of an integrated combination of PSD (position sensitive detector) , IRED (infrared emitting diode) and signal processing circuit. The variety of the reflectivity of the object, the environmental temperature and the operating duration are not influenced easily to the distance detection because of adopting the triangulation method.

Also, this datasheet contains information around reflective object, distance, and sensor.

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