InPro 6050 Series O2 Sensors Instruction Manual

Many explanation about measuring system, oxygen sensor, and installation are described in the instruction manual. The instruction manual contains explanation regarding o2, polarization, and transmitter.

In this instruction manual we can read info about sensor, measurement, and maintenance. The following are some excerpt from this instruction manual:

The oxygen sensor is shipped with a T-96 type membrane body in place. This membrane type has an additional Teflon layer on the process side for increased durability. It also has a built-in temperature device (NTC) that allows compensation for membrane permeability. InPro 6050 52 200 251 © 06/04 Mettler-Toledo GmbH Printed in Switzerland InPro 6050 Series O2 Sensor 2. 7 Safety 2.1. Signs and symbols The following symbols are used in this instruction manual: Danger: warning of a danger which could be fatal or lead to severe bodily harm Caution: warning of a possibly dangerous situation which could lead to minor injuries and/or material damage

Additionally, the instruction manual explains discussion regarding instruction, and polarization voltage.

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