Installation Guide for APC Current Sensor-Battery Management System

The installation guide contains explanation related to sensors, battery management, and current. Lots of info about sensor, and the current sensor are explained inside this installation guide.

In this installation guide the reader can read description such as current sensor, and the battery management. These are chosen from this installation guide:

Current Sensor—Battery Management System Install the current sensor 1. Whether you need one or two sensors depends on your UPS model: – If you are connecting an APC Silcon UPS or an AIS UPS, your system requires two current sensors, one per string, which you plug into the ports on the rear panel of the first Battery Management System (DIP switch address #1).  Temp Sensors String A Battery/ Power Input A Unit # String B RS-232/485 Port  Note To extend the current sensor cable, you may purchase from APC a Cat-5 male-to-male extension cable.

Furthermore, the installation guide contains info regarding management system, and battery management system.

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