Installation Instruction for Air/Furl Ratio Monitor

In this installation instruction you can find description such as control, installation, sensor signal, power, sensor output, mixture, range, internal ground, sensor, computer, mounting, oxygen, and lighting. Lots of things around good engine, temperature, fuel injectors, operating temperature, powertrain control module, wire, voltage, signal, switch, heater, oxygen sensor, and emissions are presented inside this installation instruction.

This installation instruction presents information regarding wiring diagram, powertrain, closed loop, wiring, powertrain control, heated oxygen, ignition switch, fuel, throttle, control module, output voltage, and vehicle. Below are taken from the installation instruction:

Since the oxygen sensor output is very accurate and sensitive at the STOICH A/F ratio, it will cause the A/F meter LED’s to bounce back and forth rapidly. A very small change in A/F ratio causes a large change in oxygen sensor voltage as can be seen on the graph. This rapid cycling is normal when the PCM is in closed loop and trying to maintain a STOICH A/F ratio. The oxygen sensor is also very accurate at indicating an A/F ratio that is richer or leaner than STOICH. However it can not indicate the exact richness or leanness During wide open throttle (throttle opening greater than 80% as indicated by the throttle position sensor) the A/F ratio will be forced rich by the PCM for maximum power. During this time the oxygen sensor will output a rich signal/voltage, but the PCM will ignore the signal.

Giving more content, this installation instruction tells us info about sensors, service, ground, module, gauge, instruments, correct ratio, sensor voltage, oxygen sensor voltage, loop, engine, and injectors.

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