Installation Instruction for BOSCH Universal Oxygen Sensor

In this installation instruction the reader can find description such as oxygen sensor, sensor, and sensor wiring. This installation instruction contains discussion like color reference, oxygen sensor wiring, and color reference table.

Many discussion about installation, sensor installation, and sensor connector are explained in this installation instruction. These are taken from this installation instruction:

Bosch Universal Oxygen Sensor Installation Instructions Please read these instructions carefully before removing the installed oxygen sensor from your vehicle Tools required to perform installation: Oxygen sensor removal tool or 22mm wrench Wire cutter Wire stripper Tape measure Contents of Bosch Universal Oxygen Sensor Connector Kit: Bosch Universal Oxygen Sensor (Qty. Wire Color Reference Table: Signal Wire OE Sensor Types OE Sensor (A)** Heater Wires* (2 wires) Bosch Universal Oxygen Sensor (B)** OE Sensor (A)** Bosch Universal Oxygen Sensor (B)** Bosch Black White Type A Purple Dark Brown Type B Blue Black Type C White Black Black White Type D Black White 1996-95 Mazda Millenia (V6-2.5L) Black White 1996-95 Ford Probe, Mazda 626 (V6) 1995-91 Geo Tracker, Suzuki Black Red Sidekick * Since there is no polarity to the heaters, it is only important to match the color of the heater wires.

Giving more content, the installation instruction gives us more regarding universal oxygen sensor, oxygen, and oxygen sensor installation.

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