Installation Instruction for Light Level Sensor 5031PE and E5031PE Series

In this installation instruction we can get explanation such as lighting, sensor unit, connection, target level, sensor installation instructions, bus, output, target, and lighting levels. Lots of discussion about cable, terminals, output units, control, level, light level sensor, illumination level, range, and unit are presented in the installation instruction.

The installation instruction presents information about ambient, light, calibration, light level, sensor installation, sources, ambient light levels, ambient light level, and sensor. These are taken from the installation instruction:

The light level sensor is a C-Bus input device which measures the ambient light levels and converts this information into messages sent across the C-Bus network. C-Bus output units (relays and dimmers) can be configured to respond to such messages, allowing automatic regulation and control of the lighting levels. The C-Bus light level sensor is intended for use in an automatic light level regulation system and is capable of maintaining a constant illumination level in the range of 40 to 1600 lux (20 to 3000 lux measurable). The light level sensor unit continuously monitors ambient light levels, providing a comparison with the user-defined target light level. Control instructions are then subsequently issued to output units on the C-Bus network, altering the light levels as required (e.g. “RAMP TO LEVEL” command issued to a dimmer unit).

Giving more content, the installation instruction contains info about illumination, installation, toolkit installation, installation instructions, information, series, ambient light, and level range.

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